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Lenovo Boosts Smartphones for Middle-Class

Galih Kurniawan, Intan Permatasari

JAKARTA--Lenovo will aggressively promote smartphone for lower middle class relying on A Series products. “This segment contributes quite significantly.

Overall, market share in smartphones below IDR2 million is around 45%,” said MIDH Business Head Lenovo Indonesia Agus Sugiarto after the launching event of Lenovo new smartphone, Wednesday (11/20).

He is optimistic smartphone in the category will rule the market until next year. He argued smartphone in fashion class priced between IDR2-4 million will also show positive development.

Yesterday, Lenovo launched three new A series smartphones, namely A850, A516 and A369i. These products have feature of dual SIM cards. Each product is priced at IDR1.4 million, IDR2.1 million, and 949,000. Lenovo also cooperates with Indosat and Facebook to launch bundling package.

Agus said recently dual SIM cards smartphones become trend in the market. Soon, he will launch dual GSM-CDMA SIM cards. Nevertheless, he is yet to make sure about the business scheme taken to market this product.” At present, we launch dual GSM-GSM SIM cards. We see that this feature is interesting and potential,” he said.

He argued high mobility causes increase in the need for dual SIM cards products. He stated Indonesian society potentially flourishes the sales of dual SIM cards products.

Agus said at present, users of telecommunication devices mostly use pre-paid service, predicted to reach 98% from the total amount of user. “This gives option for the market since there are many networks and operators,” he said.

Through several strategies above, Agus is optimistic this year Lenovo can make it to the big three in smartphone market.

Until Q2/2013, he said, Lenovo Indonesia has reached 10.2% market. Next year, he is also optimistic Lenovo can make it to the second position.

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