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P&G Operates US$100 Million Plant in Karawang

Muhammad Khamdi, Renat Sofie Andriani


KARAWANG – Procter & Gamble (P&G) Indonesia, a personal care and household manufacturer, inaugurated new factory in Karawang KIIC Industrial Park, West Java, Thursday (12/5).

The factory which employs 300 workers produces baby diapers under the brand ‘Pampers’. As previously reported, the factory was built in 2011 in a 51,000 sqm land area with the investment of over US$100 million.

P&G Vice Chairman and Advisor to the Chairman Dimitri Panayotopoulos said P&G has actually been established in Indonesia for more than 20 years, however the investment was initially made in 2011 in Karawang, West Java.

“We are thrilled to celebrate P&G opening inauguration in this area. We will be exist in Indonesia for the years ahead that makes us to be the largest daily consumer goods company in Asia,” he said in the factory inauguration in Karawang, Thursday.

According to him, the investment of baby diapers factory in Indonesia is a perfect choice to make. From the data as compiled, the number of baby birth in Indonesia within the period of one year reaches four million babies.

“Indonesia makes a promising prospect to baby and child premium brand for it becomes Asia’s second largest country on birth number,” he said.

In the meantime, P&G Indonesia President Director Bert Wouters said the company is committed to increase the surrounding’s quality life, not only through the products but most importantly through sustainable environment investment and social facility.

“We would love to support the future’s generation development through our commitment on baby as well as mother health and comfort,” he said.

Editor : Muhammad Sarwani

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