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Japan’s Cyberbuzz Eyes Indonesian Bloggers

Rezza Aji Pratama, Renat Sofie Andriani


JAKARTA – Cyberbuzz, a Japanese internet company, eyes the blogger market in Indonesia by launching Bblog services.

This becomes a platform which involves blogger and advertiser in one place. Blogger is given opportunity to review products from the advertisers and get rewards in the forms of limited goods and cash. In Indonesia, Cyberbuzz collaborates with Corfina to establish PT Bina Blog Indonesia.

COO of Bina Blog Indonesia Tetsuya Osafune said the services have been previously implemented in Japan under the name of Repre. In Japan, Repre managed to get about 50,000 users.

Indonesia becomes the first country in Southeast Asia which is aimed by Bblog. Further, the services will be expanded to Malaysia and Philippine. “Culturally, Indonesia is similar with Japan,” he said, Monday (1/27).

For domestic market, Cyberbuzz has allocated a US$150,000 fund. Osafune said the company has built cooperation with 100 advertisers where 50% among of them come from Japan, 30% from Indonesia, and 20% from other countries. The company is targeting to recruit 15,000 users at end of September 2014.

Last year, Cyberbuzz obtained a US$40 million global revenue and sets the target to reach US$60 million in 2014. Meanwhile, in Indonesia the company is targeting the revenue of up to US$1 million this year.

According to Osafune, Bblog is the right tool for advertisers to do promotions. Moreover, the promotion method through blog or storytelling marketing is now booming.

Referring to Waggener Edstrom report, a Singapore-based communication agency, entitled ‘Content Matters: The Impact of Storytelling Online in 2014’, the storytelling method could increase relationships between consumers and certain products.

The research also showed that 95% of Indonesian digital consumers follow social media to seek for product information.

In the meantime, the food producers who market the products online also manage to sell 90% more products every weekend. All this time, the bloggers should find their own advertisers to get revenue.

Editor : Muhammad Sarwani

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