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Kalstar Flies Malang-Balikpapan Route

M. Sofi\'i, Intan Permatasari


MALANG— Kalstar Aviation airline will fly a new route Malang-Balikpapan from Abdulrahman Saleh Airport, Pakis sub district, Malang regency, starting on Thursday (1/30) to increase penetration in domestic market.

PIC Branch Manager of Kalstar Aviation Malang Joko Sudarsono said the Malang-Balikpapan flight is at 11.30 AM, while Balikpapan-Malang flies at 10.30 AM.

”After some delays, finally we can fly for the first time from Malang-Balikpapan,” he said, Wednesday (1/29).

He argued Kalstar will use Boeing 737 seri 500 with 130 seats. He is optimistic the route will have good load factor.

He sets the load factor to reach 80% of the total seat every day. It is based on the high demand for flight from Malang-Balikpapan and vice versa. “Moreover, generally we are connected to Berau,” he said.

The consideration to open the route cannot be separated from the huge number of Malang residents working in East Kalimantan, particularly Balikpapan and the surrounding. Besides, many people in East Kalimantan choose to study in Malang. This causes flights to Balikpapan from Juanda airport in Surabaya is always fully booked.

“That is our consideration to open rout from Malang since flight from Surabaya is always fully booked,” he said.

On flight schedule, Kalstar will fly once a day from Abdulrahman Saleh airport at 11.30 AM. It is in line with the capacity of flights from the two airports, particularly from Malang with minimum lobby for passengers.

At present, the airport can only accommodate 250 people at the most, prompting the airport to provide time slot at such hour.

Editor : Muhammad Sarwani

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