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Wednesday, April 2 2014, 3:15 PM

Teluk Lamong Can Serve 7 International Ships

Miftahul Ulum

SURABAYA—PT Terminal Teluk Lamong which will be tested in May 2014 is applying dock definite schedule (window).

PT Terminal Teluk Lamong Operating Director Agung Kresno S said in the trial phase for international shipping supported 2 container cranes. With the facility in a week then most likely there are 7 international ship underserved.

Meanwhile for domestic shipping will be recorded how much can be directly into the Teluk Lamong. Evaluation of current domestic vessels will be done until July 2014.

“If there is still room for domestic shipping and international demand is high, then we will be coordination with international authorities to serve domestic,” he said, Wednesday (4/2).
He said shipping line who is interested to follow the schedule can certainly sign up to Teluk Lamong, including submitting data, how often and the vessel capacity. Based on the data, it will be made largest capacity rank.

“Later the largest 7 will be selected, because we have to prioritize the greatest. But if a large demand may be served in domestic,” he said.
Teluk Lamong Terminal which is developed in Tanjung Perak Port area carrying green port concept, which is characterized by minimization of paper consumption through electronic payment systems and container carrier vehicles fueled gas.

After that, the container will be brought to the dock or yard using gas supplied vehicles provided by company. Additional services were free in the early stages.

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